• Andrea Caserini

    +39 328 87 25 020
    info [at] c-and.com

    via Marconi, 69
    20010 Pregnana (MI)
    P. IVA 07169710964


Mont Blanc – Logo animation / Mood video animatic

Mont Blanc Eyewear logo animation and Mood video animatic (still frames) Logo Animation Mood Video

Amaro Lucano – Facebook activity

Some Facebook activity for Amaro lucano.

Pollicino – Video Animation

Pollicino OnlusĀ is a non-profit organization that promotes prevention and intervention on eating disorders from 0 to 16 years.

Direct Line – Web activity, DEM

Many different activities online with DEM (Direct Email Marketing) design and HTML code, landing pages, animated banners (Flash, HTML5)

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